The role of a fire control operator

The role of a fire control operator

Fire control operators play a huge part in making sure emergency situations are under control.  

Because not only do they have to help callers identify the exact location of the incident, they also have to give safety advice over the phone and offer reassurance until the firefighters arrive on the scene. 

And they don’t just look after those involved in the incident; they also have to determine what resource and relief is needed for the fire crew, talk to other emergency and non-emergency responders and give updates on each incident. 

Answering a call is just the beginning.


A sense of purpose

Getting up each day and knowing that what you do could save lives. Your motivation in the role will help motivate you in everything else you do too.


New challenges

Every day is different. One minute you could be dealing with a call about a road accident, the next an animal rescue operation.


New skills

Thinking fast, communicating quickly and keeping calm in a crisis are just some of the skills you’ll fine-tune as a Fire Control operator.


Being part of a team

As well as the support and camaraderie that comes with working in your core team, you’ll also support our neighbouring counties too.

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